Macaco Press

is a collective project, created in March 2015 by two artists:
Sabrina Fernández Casas (1988) and Patricio Gil Flood (1977).

MACACO PRESS explores the relation between self-publishing and performance and plays with notions of identity and authorship based on strategies of visibility and invisibility, legal and illegal productions.

We conceive this project as a material which is not something fixed but which is constant evolution and changing, difficult to define as only one thing:
sometimes MACACO are illegal workers
sometimes MACACO are foreigners
sometimes MACACO are ephemeral performances
sometimes MACACO is printed matter
sometimes MACACO is a dog dealer
sometimes MACACO is another artist
sometimes MACACO are flags
sometimes MACACO is exchange
sometimes MACACO is infiltration
sometimes MACACO is a selfie
sometimes MACACO is multiple
sometimes MACACO is an association
sometimes MACACO are teachers
sometimes MACACO is a political statement
sometimes MACACO is a deviant practice
sometimes MACACO is a joke
sometimes MACACO is art
sometimes MACACO is something else…

Sometimes MACACO is a vindication of a multiple and mobile way to create, in a social context limited by economic forces.




Association MACACO PRESS
Le GUS, ateliers de la SIP
10, rue des Vieux-Grenadiers
1er, bâtiment G
1205 Genève



MACACO PRESS is an independent publishing project. Contact us to choose your own currency and help us realizing our publications by creating new collaborations and exchanging production means.

You can also generously support us via
IBAN CH77 0900 0000 1493 8419 2